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Beware of counterfeit / fake Mitutoyo products!

Mitutoyo is aware of an increasing number of counterfeit/fake Mitutoyo products coming onto the European markets. Apart from being illegal, the use of such items can bring serious consequences when quality, safety and performance criteria fail to meet that of a genuine Mitutoyo original.


If in receipt of a suspected counterfeit, Mitutoyo may endeavour to assist in proving authenticity and in the first instance please contact a member of our Technical Sales desk who will be pleased to offer support. 


Selling counterfeit products is strictly illegal and punishable by civil and criminal courts according to trademark, copyright and intellectual property laws and regulations.

We advise buyers to ensure they only buy genuine Mitutoyo products through a reputable and recognized Mitutoyo Distributor. Should a buyer know of any distributor that is selling counterfeit /fake products please report immediately to your country’s Mitutoyo subsidiary.



Buyers’ rights regarding counterfeit goods are different in each country; these may include e.g. warranty rights such as purchase price refund.


Mitutoyo has the right to cease trading with any distributor found to be party to a violation of Mitutoyo Intellectual Property rights.


Thank you for your understanding.