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KOMEG manufactures the compatible eco-fix, vari-fix and opti-fix clamping systems. As branded products of a universal clamping technology, the mounting systems are marketed worldwide by Mitutoyo.


With a wide variety of components and kits, they ensure the implementation of clamping tasks in quality inspection.


Product advantages are

  • modular basic principle, based on different support profiles and base plates
  • flexible displacement possibilities and quick change systems
  • alignment of the workpiece in any desired scanning position


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eco-fix / eco-fix plus


The eco-fix series fixturing system sets are a fast and cost-effective solution for preparing workpieces for measurement on 3-coordinate measuring machines (3KMG). Within minutes, the workpiece is ready for measurement, making eco-fix an attractive alternative to customized fixtures. The modular fixturing system enables relaxed working in a variety of ways. It combines functions and colors in a practice-oriented concept that saves time, enables economical work and ensures handling without confusion.


Systematic design, keeping the essentials in mind:
eco-fix focuses on handling almost all clamping tasks in an equally cost- and performance-optimized way. It offers suitable solutions for applications in the aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical industries. The logically assignable elements are embedded in an uncomplicated and user-friendly design and are built on a base plate with threads.


The great advantage of eco-fix - in contrast to conventional solutions - is that the modern design means that additional connecting elements are not required. This makes eco-fix significantly more cost-effective than comparable systems without sacrificing performance and versatility.


The results are systematic efficiency with convincing profitability and significantly reduced costs with enormous versatility.





The vari-fix clamping system is initially available in three standard versions with adjustment heights of 375 to 575 millimeters, 500 to 825 millimeters and 625 to 1075 millimeters.

Special designs with different adjustment heights are also available on request.


The entire system is based on top profile rails that can be screwed directly onto the measuring table of the 3-Coordinate Measuring Machine. Alternatively, the S-profile from Mitutoyo or the columns with base plates can be mounted on the table of the 3KMG.

vari-fix allows free and unrestricted alignment of the workpiece in any desired pick-up position. The workpiece is fixed to any number of columns arranged along the base profile rails. Each individual column is height-adjustable and has a swivel joint at the top end as a holding element for the workpiece. This joint allows a rotation around the axis of the column of 360 degrees and a swivel range of +/- 90 degrees. The fine adjustment of the position in the X, Y and Z axes is +/- 2.5 millimeters





The modular Mitutoyo opti-fix clamping system was specially developed for optical coordinate measuring technology.

"Mitutoyo opti-fix" ensures secure fixing of the test parts during the measurement process and thus guarantees permanently error-free measured value transfer. Series measurements are also made much easier by the functional arrangement.

In order to reduce disturbing reflections caused by illumination or ambient light to a minimum, all essential components are anodized in matte black or matt.




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