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Coordinated hardware and software

                   - without integration and compatibility problems


KOMEG quality data systems offer you a wide range of solutions for your day-to-day business - supporting the acquisition, processing and evaluation of test data in manufacturing and quality inspection. Our combination of modern hardware and highly customizable and stable software gives you new opportunities to achieve the best solutions for your customers. 

The modular components of measurement computer, SPC software and measurement electronics are universally adaptable - even to complex requirements of special measurement technology. Both the software and the hardware are individually expandable and long-term tested. 


Our project-experienced engineers and technicians will be happy to advise you on the appropriate choice of components and support you in connecting to existing measurement technology. As a service provider or responsible contractor, we also take care of project planning and commissioning.




The universal measurement and control software for precise data acquisition, evaluation and documentation


With Space4win you get safe and reliable measurement results no matter whether you work in manufacturing, in the laboratory or in quality assurance - the software offers you the flexibility you need. Space4win supports all common measuring devices and measuring mechanics, so you can perform your measurements without any problems. From coordinate measuring machines to optical measuring systems to test benches - Space4win controls it all with ease. In addition, Space4win has all common software and hardware interfaces. So you can easily import and export data and seamlessly integrate your measuring devices. Our software is extremely flexible and adapts to your individual requirements.


Discover the many possibilities of Space4win and increase the efficiency of your measurements. Contact us today for more information.


Space4win - The future of measurement and control software


Key functions in the application of Space4Win


Space4Win is able to connect and communicate with many different hardware components from Mitutoyo and external companies.
They can be combined in a single application / measurement program and connected to machine tools.

Closed loop production

The direct connection to machine tools enables seamless integration into the production process and offers benefits such as real-time data transfer, improved process control and optimized efficiency. Closed-loop production can ensure that measurements flow directly into the manufacturing process and immediate corrections or adjustments can be made. This leads to higher accuracy, a reduction in rejects and an increase in the overall quality of products.


Space4Win offers the most important features of inline measurement solutions:
- Fully customized user interface to avoid operator errors.
- 100% customized measurement process
- Communication with other production lines
- Stable & isolated solutions


Space4Win can either work together with a PLC or take over simpler tasks by itself.
Automated processes can be realized in production to benefit from the advantages of efficient and precise automation. Space4Win can be seamlessly integrated into existing automation systems, thereby optimizing production processes, increasing efficiency and minimizing human error.



  • simple user interface

  • user interface available in different languages

  • customizable/individualizable display of measurement/process data

  • visualization of workpieces and work processes

  • measurement data storage locally or in the network

  • compatible with all current Windows operating systems

  • flexible adaptation to customer-specific requirements

  • interface to all current Mitutoyo measuring devices and open for the connection of measuring devices of other manufacturers


QDS Pro.png



The measuring computer for data-intensive testing tasks



KOMEG industrial measuring computers prove themselves in static and dynamic multi-point measurements as well as in network and multi-station solutions.


Advantages include

  • speed, process stability and high data processing quality

  • robust and trouble-free operation where permanent availability is required


KOMEG offers the QDS Pro as a standard system or configured for specific applications, in a package with the space4win software and pre-installed interfaces to the measurement technology.

Optionally, the measuring computer is available with splash-proof housing IP54 without external fan and with separate/installable monitor.





Highspeed Probe Interface MI-111 


The MI-111 external probe interface is the intelligent interface between the measuring sensors and the measuring computer.
It is used for the precise acquisition and processing of measurement signals and their transmission via networks
to higher-level computer systems. 


  • The MI-111 has connections for 16 inductive probes or analogue signals

  • Max. 16 probe interfaces (256 probes)

  • Connection via interface card

  • RS 485 PCI

  • Cable distance up to 500 m or LAN interface.




Our Service

KOMEG realizes the integration into production processes and the data-based control of test equipment. Variable interfaces enable the data transfer from existing measurement processes and the connection to third-party systems.


We support you in: 

  • securing the process and machine capability
  • the creation of measuring programs and inspection plans (prof. service)
  • passing on quality and process data to superordinate CAQ and planning systems
  • repair of our hardware
  • trainings on software&hardware

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