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Customised Styli


Here you will find some of our numerous special styli that have already been realised. 


Do you have any questions or need a customised product? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Roughness surface roughness styli


Special roughness stylus - length of the tip was shortened from 7.6 mm to 3.5 mm


Modification of a roughness probe

At the customer's request, the holder for the diamond tip of a standard stylus was shortened and the shaft made of CFRP material was extended at a right angle.


Conversion of a stylus for contour/surface roughness 


Special stylus tip roughness measuring device for small bores


Special roughness stylus - Original length of the tip of 7.6 mm was shortened to 5 mm and shrink tubing was attached to the shaft


Special roughness stylus - shaft lengthened from 37.7mm to 57.7mm and the tip shortened from the original 5.2mm to 1.6mm

Disc styli


Customised disc stylus with spherical shape made of carbide with a thickness of just 0.5 mm


Customised disc stylus made of hardened steel 


Disc stylus made of carbide and ball made of silicon nitride

Star styli


Freely positionable star stylus with carbon fibre shaft material and a ball made of silicon nitride - an optimum combination of lightness, robustness, precision and resistance to wear and corrosion


Customised star stylus with ruby balls

Sondertaster Website.png

M5 star stylus made of carbide, a stainless steel base and ruby balls with ø 0.8 mm

Straight styli


Special styli with a titanium base body, carbide shaft and diamond-coated silicon nitride balls


Special stylus with ceramic shaft and ruby balls with 10mm diameter

Sondertaster Website.png

Special stylus with shaft made of carbon fibre composite material (CFRP) and a ball made of zirconium oxide


Special stylus with ruby ball and shaft as well as base body made entirely of titanium

T styli

T-Taster mit aufnahme.png

Styli made of carbide and ruby balls with ø1mm and M2 stylus holder made of stainless steel 

Styli holder

Aufnahme 684758.png

Styli holder M2 with an angle of 29.6°


5-way stylus holder M2

Angle styli


Angle stylus - adjustable, with rotatable element 

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